Spring 2020: Math 2177 (Mathematical Topics for Engineers)

Below are the notes that I used while teaching Math 2177 recitations at the Ohio State University in the Spring of 2020. For the notes that are typed, I have also separately included the source files. My latex source files use this class file. My notes for Math 2177 in the Fall of 2020 are all typed and more thorough, so I would recommend examining those notes instead.

Critical Points and the Second Derivative Test

1-07-2020 pdf

The Method of Lagrange Multipliers

1-14-2020 pdf

Introduction to Double Integration

1-21-2020 pdf

Introduction to Triple Integration

1-28-2020 pdf

The Jacobian and Change of Variables for Double Integrals

2-04-2020 pdf

The Jacobian and Change of Variables for Triple Integrals and an Introduction to Vector Fields

2-11-2020 pdf

Line Integrals and Conservativity

2-18-2020 pdf

Solving Systems of Equations with Linear Algebra

2-25-2020 pdf

Consistency of Systems of Equations

3-03-2020 pdf

I started typing my notes after 03/04/2020 since COVID made the class switch from in-person to online

Matrix Algebra and Invertibility of Matrices

3-24-2020 pdf

3-24-2020 latex

Matrix Algebra, Matrix Inverses, and Linear Dependence

3-31-2020 pdf

3-31-2020 latex

More Line Integrals, Conservativity, and Linear Algebra

4-07-2020 pdf

4-07-2020 latex

The Method of Separation of Variables and Fourier Series

4-14-2020 pdf

4-14-2020 latex

4-14-2020 image

Fourier Cosine Series, Eigen Value (of an ODE) Problems, Heat Flow Problems, and Vibrating String Problems

4-21-2020 pdf

4-21-2020 latex

4-21-2020 image