Publications and Preprints




1) Pointwise Ergodic Theorems For Higher Levels Of Mixing, Studia Math., 261(3):329–344, 2021.



My Mathematical Works from before I started my Ph.D.


1) Complements Through Cevian Triangles A problem of my own about Cevian Triangles of a given Triangle.

2) Sawayama Thebault An expository article about the internal and external Sawayam The Bault Theorems.

3) Centroids and Circumcenters A problem of my own relating some Centroids and Circumcenters.

4) Some Interesting Collinearities A problem of my own about some interesting collinearities that arise from Cevian Triangles.

5) Inequalities and Quadratic Forms A technique I developed to solve Olympiad inequalities through the use of linear algebra and quadratic forms.

6) On Refinements of Van der Waerden’s Theorem My master’s thesis on Ramsey Theory.

7) The Fibonacci Numbers are Not 2 Large A result that I discovered at the 2014 University of West Georgia REU. I formally wrote up this result in July of 2021 since it is amusing and slightly related to the content of my second publication.