Summer 2020: Math 2255 (Ordinary Differential Equations)

Below are the recitation notes that I used while I was a grader for Math 2255 at the Ohio State University in the Summer of 2020. Technically, holding recitations for the students was not part of my job assignment, but I decided to do so anyways in order to practice my online teaching. Here is a survey that shows the effectiveness of my volunteer teaching. For the documents that are typed, I have also separately included the source files incase any other instructor wants to use a modified version of them in their own courses. My latex source files use this class file.

First Order Differential Equations

6-11-2020 pdf

6-11-2020 latex

Integral Curves, Exact Equations, Euler’s Method, Recursive Sequences

6-19-2020 pdf

6-19-2020 latex

6-19-2020 Images, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6

Second Order Differential Equations

6-26-2020 pdf

6-26-2020 latex

6-26-2020 Images, Image 1, Image 2

Method of Undetermined Coefficients, Variation of Parameters, Reduction of Order, Phase Amplitude Form, Applications to Springs

7-03-2020 pdf

7-03-2020 latex

Laplace Transforms

7-10-2020 pdf

7-10-2020 latex

7-10-2020 Images, Image 1, Image 2

More Laplace Transforms, Linear Dependence and the Wronskian

7-17-2020 pdf

7-17-2020 latex

Third Order Linear Differential Equations, Series Solutions to Differential Equations

7-24-2020 pdf

7-24-2020 latex

7-24-2020 Image